7 Social Media tactics you must master to make your blog popular

Want to make your blog more popular? Want to join the big leagues? Want to intensify traffic to your blog? If yes, then social media is your ultimate weapon. Social media is the best platform to promote your blog because let’s face it, everyone’s on Facebook.

Social Media Tatics
Just sharing your blog posts on twitter and facebook are not enough; the competition out there is tremendous. You need to employ the best tactics to make sure you stay on par with the biggies. Social media plays a big role in SEO, and social media presence guarantees web presence.
Social media marketing is probably the cheapest and easiest way of promoting your blog. It can also be the most effective if you employ the right methods and tactics. Here’s a list of the 7 most effective promotional tactics you can employ on social media:

7 Essential Social Media Tactics

1. Get active on these social media platforms
Get Active On Social Media
Tumblr, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram. These are the compulsory social media sites a blogger must use for self-promotion. Share your blog posts relentlessly on these platforms. Increase your social networks and set targets that you must reach when it comes to the number of followers.
It might seem difficult to manage all of these accounts and No, you don’t need a social media manager. Choose a fixed time of day to share your posts on all of these platforms consecutively to avoid confusion. With some time and patience, this will become simple and routine.
2.  Get Creative! Your posts must attract attention
Get Creative With Social Media Tactics
There must be an element of shock and intrigue in your posts. Be it the blog excerpt you post or the blog title, it must attract immediate attention. Be witty if possible and funny if needed.
Analyse current trends and think of what can make jaws drop. There are many examples of this everywhere on the internet; they provide a lot of scope for some inspiration. Follow examples but Do Not Copy. Ever.
Your posts must be tempting enough to make the reader click the link. This will be enough to get a lot of traffic regardless of whether the reader enjoys your blog or not.  With some research and practice, you will be good to go.
3. Identify the larger audience, find the platform which deserves the most attention
Know Your Social Media Audience
You may have the most followers on your Facebook page, or your tweets may seem to get a lot of attention. Channel your energy to the most deserving platform.
Also, incorporate that particular social media platform into your blogs. A share button can prove to be a miracle. A quick share by one reader can lead to consequent shares by a dozen others who don’t even remotely follow you.
Readers are usually consistent in their following patterns. Identify your base and connect with your audience. Create campaigns, entertain queries and ignore negative criticism.
Encourage your readers to share your content. A natural call-to-action at the end of a post goes a long way.
4. Hashtags, Memes, and Images – You need these
Use Hashtags For Social Media
Hashtags can become a sensation on social media and that’s why they must be your best friend. Include them in your posts; they must be catchy and relevant.
Hashtags can be the keywords from your blog or some part of your blog title. Readers can easily locate your posts if you hashtag them.
You can also use creative images to spark interest. Draw up something relevant and imaginative to post along with your blogs. Images add a fun quotient to your blogs, and let’s admit it; nobody likes dull and boring posts.
Memes are the newest way to connect with readers worldwide. Use phrases and quotes from your blog to create them. They make the best highlights. Best recommended to use them in your Facebook posts.
5. Join circles and communities
Join Social Media Communities
Get in touch with other bloggers; join blogger’s communities and circles. Other bloggers commenting on your posts and sharing your blog is the greatest sign. This can also increase your popularity as much as tenfold.
Reciprocate the intent and affection, comment and share the posts of bloggers in your circle. Make friendships, identify trends and understand your competition.
6. Be consistent and use these tricks to keep interest alive
Be Consistent With Your Social Media Tactics
Your posts must be consistent and fresh. Keep these tricks in mind whenever you think you are running out of ideas.
•    A complete mind freeze is common among a lot of active bloggers. And that’s why following trends are so important. You must keep the influx of ideas alive by following trends, current affairs, and gossip. Posting something on current hot topics sparks immediate interest.
•    You can reuse old blog posts. Start a discussion about an old blog in your forum or get nostalgic. Nostalgia is one of the most effective tricks. Don’t overdo it, though.
•    Do not copy but share. Sharing relevant content that is not your own can also be a good idea. This can also garner fresh perspectives and interests.
Always remember that being active is important, fixing work hours can go a long way in saving time and maintaining your work policies.
7. Every social media platform requires a unique strategy
Every Social Media Platform Requires A Unique Strategy
Sharing a blog post on Twitter and then Google+ can be two entirely different things. Use a strategy relevant to the particular traits of the social media platform.
For example, it is possible to post your whole blog on Google+, but this is not possible on Twitter which allows just 140 characters. So you need to approach Twitter differently. You can post a Blog excerpt or a witty promotional tagline on Twitter.
YouTube and Quora are other examples. Youtube can be the best place for promotion as it works well with SEO.
Youtube finds get listed top most in searches. Youtube is a video-sharing site, incorporating videos into your blog is a great tactic. Youtube can boost your popularity to the maximum, and that’s why you need Youtube links.
Quora, on the other hand, is a platform where experts interact with their audience. You can make use of this platform to increase visibility and reach out to readers who share your field of expertise.
We hope you use these seven social media tactics for promotion and reap the benefits. Happy Blogging!

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