Cloudways Hosting Review

Cloudways is the second hosting provider I recommend. Cloudways offers managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) servers to run web applications. They optimize their servers to give blazing fast performance and high security. Cloudways is ideal for users who have outgrown their shared hosting. Or for users who need extra performance for their website. Sign up for a 14 day free VPS trial without having to enter any credit card details.
Instead of offering web hosting services on their own hardware, Cloudways does things differently. Their service provides provisioning, optimization, billing and management for top-tier providers. When you use Cloudways your servers are configured, optimized and ready to use immediately.
Clodways Server Management
Cloudways offers VPS servers from four top-tier providers.

  1. Digital Ocean.  One of the largest Cloud Server providers.  Cloudways offers Digital Ocean servers from as little as $5 per month.  These servers can scale from 512MB Ram, 1 Processor server to 48GB Ram 16 processor server.
  2. Amazon Web Services. Using AWS means you run your website on the same infrastructure as Amazon.  This is tier-one infrastructure with almost limitless room for expansion. Pricing for AWS servers starts at $34.00 a month.  These servers scale from 1 processor, 1.7GB Ram to 40 processors 160 GB ram.
  3. Google Compute Engine.  This is a new offering from Cloudways and allows you to run on Googles’ infrastructure.  This offers incredible performance for a reasonable price.  Pricing for these servers starts at $31.00 per month.  The servers scale from 1 processor with 1.7 GB Ram to 16 processors, 30 GB Ram.
  4. Vultr.  This is a brand new offering from Cloudways.  Vultr offers VPS servers in 14 different locations.  This allows you to place your server as close as possible to your customers.  Pricing for these servers $14.00 per month.  The servers scale from 1 processor with 1 GB Ram to, 24 processors with 64 GB Ram.

Creating A Server Cloudways

Why I Choose Cloudways

I choose Cloudways over signing up for the three providers because of the simplicity. The Cloudways provisioning system takes all the confusion out of setting up a VPS. Cloudways optimizes the servers and the applications you will run on them.
Cloudways Managed Services
All servers come configured with Linux, Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, Apache server. Each of these services come optimized to deliver the best performance and security.
Signing up for VPS hosting from other providers can take days before your server is ready. With Cloudways, your server is ready within a few minutes. You can also expand your server with a single mouse click.

Applications On Cloudways

Cloudways offers 10 optimized installers for popular web applications. These applications include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. The WordPress install takes just 2 minutes and comes configured with W3 Total Cache. This caching plugin comes optimized to get the most out of the Cloudways VPS. The optimized server and optimized applications mean that your site loads fast.

Things I Love About Cloudways

  1. Application Cloning:  If you build a lot of websites Cloudways Application Cloning helps.  You can build a template with all the settings (Plugins, Themes etc.) and clone this when starting a new site.  This is also useful if you are making changes to an existing site.  If you are changing a theme, you can create a clone of the site, test the theme before going live.
  2. Flexible pricing:  You only pay for what you use.  You can spin up a new server for a few days or a few hours and only pay for the usage time.  This is useful for development and testing.  You can try new designs or applications without affecting your live sites.
  3. Support:  The Cloudways support is fantastic.  Their team are always available to answer any questions you may have.  Their optimized platform makes lots of support issues go away because everything just works.
  4. Cloudways Migrator WordPress Plugin. Cloudways make it easy to migrate your websites to your Cloudways account.  The “Cloudways Migrator” plugin takes all the pain out of moving your WordPress website.  You instal the plugin on your current site and enter the details of your  Cloudways account.  The plugin will then backup your site and transfer it to your new Cloudways hosting account.  It is quick, simple and (for me) works everytime.

Cloudways Server Management

Try Cloudways For Free Today

If you are looking for a new hosting provider or just want to see how your site will perform. Cloudways is currently offering a credit card free no obligation trial of their hosting. Visit Cloudways via this link FREE TRIAL to take advantage of this offer. Once you have seen how well your site performs on their platform you will stay.

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