Finding And Registering A Domain Name

If you are looking at starting a new website then the place to start is registering a domain name.  Finding and registering a domain name that is perfect can be hard as so many names are already taken.  These days it is unlikely that you will find the perfect domain name for your site.  If you find the domain name you want is already registered there are some things you can do.

Use an alternative Top Level Domain

Up until a few years ago the only domain names you could register had .com .net or .org extensions.  In the past few years, this has changed.  there are now many new top level domains.  If we take a look at they have over 500 TLD available or coming soon.  With so many new TLDs, you may be able to find the perfect domain name for you.  As long as you don’t need a .com  or .net domain extension.
Let us take an example of starting a new website related to dog training.  The domain name is not available.  Neither are the .net and .org versions.  Searching on Namecheap we see that, and are all available.  Many people have been reluctant to use these new domain extensions.  It was though that search engines would not rank them.  Google has recently announced that they do not take into account the TLD when ranking sites.  So these new domains may be the answer for you.
Domain Name Search

Look For An Expired Domain

Expired domains are domains that were registered, but their owners have let them lapse.  Thousands of registered domains lapse every day and come available to register.
Finding expired domains  is easy using  Sign up for an account as this allows you to filter results.
Expired Domain Search
We will use the dog training example used above.  Using we can search for “dog train” and filter for only gTLDs and available domains.  Then we sort by length we see that, and available.  All three of these names are excellent choices (plus there are 2,400 other results).

Registering The Domain

There are a lot of options when it comes to registering a domain.  I use for all my domain registering.  They offer great prices and all domains come with free email forwarding and DNS hosting.  You can visit Namecheap and sign up for an account here.

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