Free SSL Certificate For Your Site On SiteGround

I didn’t need another reason to recommend SiteGround Hosting but they have given me one. A few days ago SiteGround integrated free SSL certificates on their hosting plans. The certificates are from open source SSL provider “Let’s Encrypt“. You can install them in less than one minute with one click.

SSL Certificate

The certificate is a 2048 bit SSL certificate. The certificate secures your site by encrypting all traffic between your server and the readers browser.

Why Install an SSL Certificate

Why Install An SSL Certificate


The SSL certificate benefits your site 3 ways.

1. Encrypts Traffic. Having a valid SSL certificate on your site makes your site more trustworthy. It also makes your site more attractive to partners like affiliate networks and advertisers.

2. Higher Rankings. Google announced that SSL certificates are taking into account as a ranking factor. In theory, this means that a site running a valid certificate will rank higher than one that does not.

3. Faster Page Loading. The recent release of the HTTP2 protocol means that encrypted sites will load faster. HTTP2 will load page elements in parallel reducing the number of open connections. This means that pages load faster and servers run more efficiently. As Page load speed is also a ranking factor installing an SSL certificate on your site should give you a double ranking boost.

Install Free SSL Certificate On SiteGround

How to Install a Free SSL certificate on SiteGround


Installing an SSL certificate can be tricky. Many hosting providers offer installation services as installing incorrectly can take a site offline. Luckily SiteGround has made it a one-click setup from cPanel. You simply choose the domain you wish to install the certificate on and click install. The certificate is then generated and installed on your site in less than one minute.

A great feature of these free certificates is that you can install a separate certificate for each of your domains on the same hosting plan. If you have 10 websites on a single hosting plan you can install a certificate in each domain. You don’t have to buy dedicated IP addresses or new hosting plans.

One Click Install Of SSL Certificate

Siteground is one of the few hosting providers where you can install totally free SSL certificates. In 30 minute I installed SSL certificates on all my sites and all my client sites. If I had to pay for these certificates it would have cost me thousands of dollars. The process is so simple and the benefits are enormous. Just another reason to love SiteGround hosting.

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