How To Get Fresh Content For Your Website

New and relevant content are the lifeblood of any blog or website. Regular posts increase engagement and keep your visitors coming back to your site. As a busy person, content creation can sometimes be overwhelming. So how can you keep fresh content for your site flowing?
Words have power !

Fresh Content For Your Site

Option 1: Write Content Yourself

Writing your own content is a great option as you have total control and it only costs time. If you are a good writer and you know the subject you are writing about a post should take you about 1 hour to write. If you need to research the topic it will take longer.
Write Content
The only problems with writing yourself are your skill as a writer and the time it takes. If you need to improve your writing you can read my post on improving your writing. Time problems are a little more tricky. One trick is to write a certain number of words each morning as soon as you get up. Another option is to outsource your writing.

Option 2: Outsource Your Content Creation

Outsourcing content creation is a great way of ensuring you have fresh content for your site. There are thousands of writers who are experts on your websites subject waiting to write for you. I use two services for my outsourced content creation.
Outsource content creation

  1. Constant Content.  Constant Content has 70,000 approved writers and over 100 niche topics.  The two services I use is the pre-written content and the custom content service.  The pre-written content is great as you can browse hundreds of articles.  You can then choose the perfect article for your site and use it immediately. If you need a custom article written you can submit the job and one of the experts will write the article for you.  I found some amazing articles on Constant-Content and found a team of skilled writers.  You can sign up for Constant-Content here.
  2. iWriter. iWriter is an article writing service where you can submit jobs for your content needs.  When using iWriter, you submit your job and choose the level of writer you need.  The more skilled the writer the more the article will cost.  iWriter is a great place to get articles written for a good price.  A 1,000-word article written by an Elite level writer costs $18.50.  The quality of the article varies a lot between writers.  Once you use the service for a while you will find some excellent writers and you can submit jobs just to them.  You can sign up for iWriter here.

content writing

Option 3: Invite Guest Posts

Getting other site owners to write content for you is a great way yo get free content for your site. A guest poster will submit content to you and you will publish this content with a link back to their site. Guest posting is a good way to increase the exposure for both sites.
When using guest posts on your site, you need to be clear on your guest posting rules. Content needs to be of high quality and you need to specify the number and type of links allowed. To get guest posters, I add a page to my site inviting interested guest posters to contact me.
Guest Posts
For my sites that accept guest posts, I specify the following rules.

  • Topic.  The topic needs to be relevant to the subject of my site.
  • Word Count.  Each article needs to be at least 700 words.
  • Links. Each article can have one in article link.
  • Author Information. Author information can include name, social media links, and website homepage link.
  • Editorial Control.  I have the right to make changes to post to fix spelling and grammar mistakes.

How To Use All These Options For Your Site

Content Creation
As with most strategies you need to use these options in the best way for your situation. If you are an excellent writer and an expert in your niche you will likely write all your articles. If you are not then you can use a combination of the options.
When starting a website, I like to write the first ten articles (and I spend a lot of time on these). Once these ten articles get published I then will use the article writing services. Once the website starts to receive a lot of traffic I will start to look at guest posters to grow the site.
Using a combination of self-written, paid articles and guest posts you can grow a site. Reinvesting part of your revenue in new content will mean your site will grow and gain authority. Sites with fresh content tend to rank higher and be more engaging.

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