How to Make Money Writing Articles

Learning how to make money writing articles is a great way to generate revenue and increase your knowledge. Freelancing can be an exciting alternative to a traditional workplace scenario. If you have the self-motivation you can have great success, while also enjoying the benefits of a flexible schedule. If you enjoy writing you are halfway on your journey.

Make Money Writing

Making Money as a Freelance Article Writer

When I first began my freelancing career, I spent countless hours researching how to make money writing articles. I knew if I didn’t do the proper research, I was going to waste valuable time unsuccessfully stumbling about. Even with my research, I still took many wrong turns and learned many lessons the hard way.

Freelancing for beginners can be equally rewarding, as well as frustrating. I always knew freelancing was a perfect fit for my lifestyle because I enjoyed living abroad. New and interesting scenery always kept my inspiration levels up and my productivity high.

Freelance article writing
When people ask me about freelancing, the question I get the most is “how do you find work?” There are a number of techniques, once mastered, that will help you on this very critical step. Once you learn how to make money writing online articles you will be well on your way to a successful freelancing career.
Companies are finding that outsourcing writers is far more cost effective than having in-house staff. They can get access to a wider range of styles and techniques without losing any valuable office space. One of the biggest advantages gained through outsourcing is access to the global market. This creates an unprecedented level of competition that drives prices downward. This same competition means that if you plan on making a successful career out of writing, you need to have all your ducks in a row.
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Recently, there has been an explosion in the number of freelancing websites. These sites help connect freelancers with clients. These middlemen usually charge a percentage of your contract as a finder’s fee. The benefit is, they allow you to scroll through numerous gigs until you find one that fits your particular niche. Take some time to create a profile at each of the websites listed below. These are the most popular websites for making money writing articles.

Web sites to Start Making Money Writing

How to make money writing articles
Now that you have a profile you can begin to search for work. Once you find a job that seems like a good fit for you, submit your proposal. Your proposal basically says who you are, how much you would charge to do the project, and a link to your portfolio.
Make Money Writing
This lets the client compare all the submitted proposals. This process may include reviewing your price, your profile, and your past work. This is why it’s very important you keep a great portfolio of your best work. Many clients will go straight to your work examples and if they like what you wrote, you get the job.

Getting started freelancing

If you don’t have a portfolio, you should start one today. Write 6-10 articles that really showcase your style and technique. Try to focus on the type of writing you are best at and remember these examples are going to represent you when it comes time to choose the victor.
Write New Content
It is important to mention you should never just copy and paste your offer. It is very difficult to get hired if you use a canned response. You should personalize each proposal. Each job is different and you should use that to your advantage. I always specifically attack the concerns of each client. If the client says they have a tight schedule I let them know I can start immediately. If they say they need a personal feel, I explain my personal experience with the subject. You want to stick out among the competition and individualization will do this. This also lets them know I have read their proposal and I am confident in my ability to produce the desired results.
Even though the online market is very competitive, the majority of your competition is non-native English speakers. This gives you a huge advantage with clients because most of them are located in the US or the UK.
Make money reelance writing
It is equally important that you research who is doing the hiring. You wouldn’t take a 9 to 5 office job if you thought the office seemed illegitimate. Few things equal the frustration of writing an article for someone who in turn doesn’t pay you. This can be easily avoided by looking at your client’s work history and reviews. I prefer to work with experienced clients and I spend at least a half hour confirming my potential client’s authenticity. Only once I have found a great client, that meets my quality standards, I submit my proposal.
Another key element to successfully making money writing online articles is your profile page. Your profile should sell your abilities while listing your accomplishments. College degrees, awards, and recent projects can all be used to show your value.
Article Writing
When clients visit one of the above-listed websites they have the option to scroll through personal profiles using advanced search features. This allows them to narrow down their potential choices based on work history, location, skills, and education. The majority of my work comes from proposals I have submitted to clients. Occasionally I receive job offers from people taking a more pro-active approach. These are my favorite gigs because the client has already researched and chosen me as a great fit for their project.
The truth of the matter is freelancing is like any other career. You will get out of it what you put into it. Many people fail at freelancing because they lack the personal motivation to achieve their goals. In many cases, you will have to work harder than a traditional job to achieve success. Remember, you are your own boss and time management is critical to your success. If you take the time to follow these tips you will be making money writing online articles in no time.

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