Is Content syndication the best way to popularize your blog?

So your blog has an ample following. Your content is original, inspiring and great or maybe it just has one of these qualities. Nevertheless, how would you consider the proposition of increasing your audience tenfold? Or even a hundredfold? Yes, now that I have your attention, the answer is Content syndication.

Content Syndication
Bloggers are always looking for ways to increase their audience. Considering the competition out there, one needs to be proactive to be popular. Content syndication is the process of making your content available to other websites. Don’t worry. You still retain complete ownership of your content. And yes, it’s perfectly legal.
To put it more subtly, readers will find your article not just on your website but on other sites as well and that’s content syndication in a nutshell. Read on to find out why content syndication could be your best bet when popularity is at stake.
Content Syndication to popularize website

Content Syndication can make you popular without undermining your blog or website

A lot of bloggers have this misconception that distributing their content over other platforms would decrease traffic for their own website. This is not true; you are the one that decides the exact words of your article to bet distributed and how it should be distributed.
You can choose your best content or the most interesting part of your article to get posted on another website. Then you can link the post to the original piece on your own website. A call-to-action can go a long way in ensuring maximum traffic at the point of your interest.
Syndication Through RSS
It is advisable not to syndicate all your content, leave the wholesome uniqueness at your own website. This gives the readers something to look forward to when they visit your website or blog.
A careful setting can guarantee popularity for your personal brand and the popularity of your website. If you are working for a client, syndicating the best content will give your company an edge over its competitors.

You will be surprised by the number of people interested in your content

There is always demand for fresh and interesting content and it can be greater than you can imagine. Say you blog about dust, nothing wrong with that, anyone can blog about pretty much anything. All you have to do is choose websites relevant to your dusting techniques.
People Love Great Content
Sound simple? Yes, it is. There are reliable content syndication forums available on the internet that help you locate relevant websites. And it is highly recommended that you reach for them all and vie for the most popular ones.
So after you distribute your unique dust experiences on these highly visited websites that contemplate dust, there is a good chance a lot of dust enthusiasts will be intrigued by your revelations and click on your links.
There could be millions of dust enthusiasts out there; all you have to do is reach them. And if they like you, then Voila! You are the next webmaster of dust.
Connect Social Media To Content Syndication

It is safe to syndicate content also the duplication fear can be eliminated

Is it safe? What about duplication? Will the SEO be affected? How can one ensure everything goes right? These questions might have crossed your mind, if yes, then your worries end here. Here are how to kick your fears out of the window.
• Safety – Everyone worries about safety and no one want their content to be misused. The best thing to do about this is to take some security measures. You can negotiate these measures with your syndicating websites.
o Make sure the site NoIndex’s your article. This measure also prevents duplication. It ensures that your syndicated content is off index in search engines.
o Use the rel=canonical tag with your syndicated article. This measure ensures that the originality of your article is retained. It tells the search engines that your content on this site is a copy of your original content on another site.
o Always link your syndicated content to the original article on your website. This is the most crucial measure and make sure your syndicated content points to the exact page of the original article on the website and not the home page. To guarantee the reader’s interest, you must always be precise about your links.
• Duplication – It is important to understand the golden rule. And what’s the golden rule you may wonder, well here it is, “Syndicated content is in no way, shape or form, a duplicate.” Search engines are always careful about not listing duplicates when a certain keyword search is done, syndicated links do not qualify as duplicates. So all your duplication worries are over.
• SEO – SEO is always a major concern when you want to make certain there’s complete visibility of your site. Syndicated links do not affect the SEO. Period. In fact, visibility via SEO is increased if you use the right words to market your original article in the syndicated content.
Content Syndication Can Be Great For SEO
Now that most general concerns have been addressed it’s time for you to take a step in the right direction on your blogging journey. It isn’t always necessary that you comply with all of these rules.
Most new bloggers, who wish to promote their content consistently go ahead with syndication regardless of safety measures. If your only objectives are outreach and visibility, Content syndication is the best move you can make, safety aside.

Content Syndication It is free!!! But you can still pay to make it better!

There are plenty of sites on the internet that distribute content for free. If you blog about your business, then there could be many sites based on your field or industry in which you are willing to syndicate content.
There are many emerging syndication forums to help, Reddit being one of the biggest. There are many sites out there looking for content they don’t have to pay for, and syndication seems to be the solution to their problems.
Syndicate Content
You can also have paid syndication partners; Outbrain is the perfect example. Imagine pop-ups of your content, several sites promoting your articles and a keen observer looking out for your web presence. If any of this interests you, you can partner up with syndication engines at a price.

To Wrap It Up

Content syndication is the best way to ensure a considerable increase in popularity and visibility. It is a safe bet for anyone looking to promote their blogs. It is a profound kickstart to all the bloggers willing to unleash their content to the world.

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