Online Photo Editing: Give Your Photos A Makeover With These Cool Tools

A photo is a photo is a photo. Right? Wrong. A picture today is much more than those snapshots of yesteryear pinned away carefully in a photo album. A photo is a special memory and access to editing software has made these memories even more beautiful. But online photo editors have further saved us the effort and time in downloading and storing software on desktops and phones. All you need is a browser to experiment with photo editing online. Here are six cool tools you may be interested in.

Online Phto Editing

6 Of The Best Online Photo Editors

1. BeFunky – Simple, Straightforward, Intense But Effortless
This in no way provides new features but is still a neat, organized package for all your photo editing needs. It is basically a combination of photo editing, collage making, and designing. The last one with a range of useful templates for invitations, brochures, posters, etc. It is so intensive that you can almost call it an all-in-one pick. And the icing on the cake – it is simple and user-friendly.
You can upload pictures from a computer, Facebook, webcam or Google drive. Then choose from a wide range of effects including graphics, filters, layers and overlays. It also has an advanced menu that helps with finer tweaks. You can access the basics for free, but if you want more and with no ads, the upgrade costs $4.95/month or $24.95/year.
Bottom line – A good multi-purpose choice to play around and experiment effortlessly. Check out BeFunky Here.
BeFunky Online Photo Editor
2. Adobe Photoshop Express – A Little Less Quantity, A Little More Quality
Photoshop, the queen of photo editing software, has churned out its sister version online. Well, it is more of a daughter or granddaughter version because it sorely lacks in the features department. It is Photoshop stripped to its roots. It provides all of the basic editing tabs but where this tool scores is its ability to edit photos on social networking sites and blogs without hassle. It works as an intra-site window and quickly makes the required changes. Exporting your work can also be done in various sizes and compatibility types.
Its photo adjustments, embellishment, and decorating menus are a tad too lightweight. But features such as preview, resetting individual changes, comparing to the original image and so on make the whole process appealing. You can learn to use it in no time at all and editing takes mere minutes.
Bottom line – A quick and simple editor which does little but what it does, it does well. Check out Adobe Photoshop Express here.
Adobe PhotoShop Express Editor
3. Pixlr Editor & Express –Feature Rich vs. Quickie Choice
Pixlr Editor is packed with advanced photo editing, improvement, enhancement, correcting options and the list goes on. It gets even better with the paint tools incorporated in the interface. If you are looking for something that is reminiscent of Photoshop, then this is as close as you are going to get. But with just some basic knowledge, it can work wonders. Its ‘History’ window provides for easy checks and reworks. It is vivid in its offerings that just tempt you to try it, the flipside being it’s slow functioning during complex works.
If you are looking for something light and quick, then go for Pixlr Express that stands by its name. With this free tool, you can make any basic changes with just the click of a button.
Bottom line – A two-in-one editor that can be elaborate or simple depending on personal preference. Check out Pixlr here.
Pixlr Online Photo Editor
4. Fotor – A Simple Way To Rock Your Pics
Have you ever felt the need to just tweak your photos a bit here and there, add some frames or text or create simple collages? Then Fotor is your forte. It does photo editing and collage making and gives all the usual design templates including youtube, facebook, google+, Pinterest, posters, etc. It is crowded with features but is simple to use. With Fotor, HDR photos are possible, and portrait editing within the ‘Beauty’ tab is a well put together selfie companion.
It is basic but neat and fun to work with. Adding your favorite options to the ‘Favorites’ section is one cool customizing aspect. Some of its features work through free registration while some require upgrades. The only downsides are its ads for free users that create clutter in the interface and the inability to work with layers.
Bottom line – A go-to option for basic editing and a little more. It might not give you the best control but wins on successfully combining simplicity and utility. Check Out Fotor here.
Fotor Online Photo Editor
5. PicMonkey – Down-To-Earth But Has Enough To Boast About
PicMonkey does not need you to create an account and is free. And in this case, free does not mean less. You can do everything in PicMonkey that you can do with a photo editing app – edit, collage, and design. But like Fotor, it does not help much with layering. When exporting the finished picture, you have three options for quality. It does have ads and mixes up free and premium options which need you to be observant of the details. Upgrading starts from $2.75/month. Overall, this is a choice not to miss for personal and small business purposes but does not take the cake if high-end editing is what you need.
Bottom line – Another editor with good basic features but definitely not just another in the crowd. Check Out PicMonkey here.
PicMonkey Online Photo Editor
6. Fotoflexer – A Simple Yet Advanced Way To ‘Flex’ Your Images
The easy-to-use interface of Fotoflexer allows you to work with photos for editing, effects, beautification and much more. One thing to note is that the depth of each menu is not as diverse as in other programs. But the layering, distortion options, scrapbook effects and other animations are a breath of fresh air. Its tabbed arrangement makes editing organized and quick and no account sign up is needed for you to begin.
The flipside – once a layered image is stored, you will lose complete control over it. Working with high resolution might test your patience a bit not to mention the pop-up ads. Also, the ‘Beautify’ option is not very extensive.
Bottom line – A neat tool that works for some features but not for others. It depends on what you want to do with it. Check Out FotoFlexor Here
FotoFlexor Online Photo Editor
So there you go, experiment a little and have fun with these superb browser based photo editors and you might be surprised with what you can achieve.

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