Where to find images for your website

Adding images to your web pages is essential. It not only looks better for you readers it also helps your website rank higher. Where do you find images for you site? There are many resources available, some that are free and some that need payment. Here are some of the resources that we use and recommend for images for your website.
Where to find images for your website

Free Image Sites

Free images are available for you websites but you need to be careful about how you use them. You need to read the terms of use for these images and make sure you follow them. Most free images require attribution (you need to tell your readers who owns the image). This is usually done by adding a link to the owner below or in the image.

Using Flickr for free images

Using Flickr to Find images for your site
Flickr is a photo sharing site with millions of users. Some users allow their images for use under “Creative Commons” license. This means you can add these images to your site as long as you add an attribution link. It is important to note that not all images on Flickr are under this license. See the screen shot below to show how to search for these images.
Flickr creative commons
Flickr is a great place to find images if your site is about physical things or activities. You can find thousands of images of people playing sports or of holiday destinations. The images are not always great quality but they are free and plentiful.

Using Free Stock Photo sites for images

Stock photos tend to be high quality and you can find them on almost any subject or concept. There are some sites that offer a limited range of professional stock photos for free. The photos on these sites tend to be general photos that are not topic specific.
Here is a list of four free stock image sites to check out.

  1. Freeimages. Freeimages has over 350,000 images and illustrations that you can use on your site.  You can find some great images on this site.
  2. Pexels. Pexels is another great resource for free images.  They have a great range of niche specific photos that are of high quality.
  3. Unsplash.  Unsplash has a fantastic range of high-quality photos with lots of beautiful nature pictures.
  4. Pixabay.  Pixabay has over 500,000 free images with a great range of niche specific photos.  You can find many high-quality images for you site for free.

There are many more free stock photo sites. The four sites above give you amazing images for free.

Using Paid Stock Photo Sites for images

Paid Stock Photo sites give you the largest choice of images. The images are high quality and you can find images for almost any subject. The only problem is you need to pay for them. You can buy images one by one or you can buy a subscription. Subscriptions will reduce your cost per image and are worth it if you need a lot of images.
Paid Stock Photo Sites
Here is a list of paid stock image sites to check out.

  1. iStock.  iStock is a site from Getty Images and has millions of images, video, and illustrations.  You can buy single images via a credit system or you can buy a subscription package.  The images are amazing.
  2. Shutterstock. Shutterstock has over 70 million images available.  Shutterstock has one of the most affordable subscription packages.  It is one of my favorite sites for images and I use it daily.
  3. Fotolia.  Fotolia is another of my favourite stock photo sites.  It has millions of images and has fantastic pricing.

One tip for using paid stock photo sites is to make sure you buy the correct size of the photo. Most sites will sell each photo is different sizes with the larger sizes costing more. For your website, you don’t need a full-sized photo. Using Fotolia a medium size image is half the cost of the same full sized image.
When you are first starting your website you can find all your images using the free resources. Once your website becomes popular you can start paying for images. Make sure you have permission to use the images on your site.

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