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Maintaining social media channels is an important part of any site owners daily tasks. Social media accounts help build authority and generate traffic for a website.
The team at Bufferapp recommend posting many times per day. Their exact posting schedule is 14 Twitter, 2 Facebook, 1 LinkedIn and 2 Google+. So how do you generate all this content?
Social Media
Generating content tends to be time consuming and expensive. If we follow the above schedule we need 19 bits of content each weekday. If you have a team of content marketers this is easy. If you are working by yourself, this can be a challenge.
Content Discovery For Social Media
Luckily there are some free services available to ease this workload.

  1. Affilorama Tools.  This is a free web app that provides a dashboard for your site.  Included in this dashboard is social media tools.  You connect your Twitter and Facebook profiles.  Affilorama Tools will then find content based on keywords for you to share. You can sign up for Affilorama Tools here.
  2. Hootsuite. This is another free web app  that provides a social media dashboard.  The free version allows 3 social profiles.  Along with Facebook and Twitter, Hootsuite manages Linkedin and Google+.  Hootsuite suggests content that is suitable for your followers.  You can then post this content (or schedule a post) to your social media channels. Sign up for Hootsuite here
  3. Pablo.  This is a free web app from our friends at Bufferapp.  Pablo allows you to create engaging images for your social media posts.  The app has free stock images and allows you to upload your own.  You can then add text, logos and size the images for your social media channels.  Check out Pablo here

How I Use These Social Media Tools

Social Media Content
I use each of the tools above every day to keep content flowing to my social media channels.
Every morning I open Affilorama Tools and use the social media discovery tool. I find two or three interesting stories and post them to my Twitter and Facebook page.
I use Hootsuite to find interesting content and then schedule the post for later in the day.
When I am scheduling my own content to share I use Pablo to create an engaging image. I then schedule the post with the image using Hootsuite.
Maintaining social media channels can be hard. Using the free tools above can help you increase your social following and get more traffic. As I discover more tools I will add them to the list.
If you have any suggestions on free tools for social media content let me know below.

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